Invited Speakers

Dr. Anand Dhaulakhandi

Dr. Anand Dhaulakhandi was born on 4th May 1967 and started his scientific career since November 1988 right after his M.Sc.  from  Defence Agricultural Research Laboratory, Almora. He went to Antarctica in 1990 as a member of the 10th Indian Scientific Expedition, where he was the youngest member (23 yr). The Expedition was successful and participation of Laboratory continued for few years. In 1994, he went to University of Reading, United Kingdom to present his paper in World Renewable Energy Congress, with the help of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. He came to DRDO HQ in 1996 and worked at Directorate of Life Sciences till 2001. He went to Solidstate Physics Laboratory, Delhi in Oct 2001 and worked for establishment of Mask Fabrication Facility and later on managed its operations. He fabricated photomasks for different chips/electronic devices notable among these are IR Sensors, MMIC circuits, LASER diodes, SAW sensors, MEMS sensors and Thermoelectric coolers. He fabricated masks for other DRDO laboratories and Other Scientific institutions and many Universities also. Masks fabricated for Ordnance Factory have resulted in indigenous production of graticules for Military equipment. Thus he has contributed in indigenous fabrication of electronic devices and advancing scientific and technological goals of different institutions. He was brought by Director General, Microelectronic Devices and Computational System to his Office in January 2014, where he is working as Additional Director and monitoring various R&D projects and providing techno-managerial support to Microelectronic Devices Laboratories of DRDO.

Dr. Anand got DRDO Technological Award in 1993 and Solidstate Physics Laboratory Technology Group Awards in 2004 and 2014.

Dr. Anand has published 41 papers in various journals and Conference proceedings.

Dr. Anand is a good team member and a good learner. He is a Technologist having good knowledge of Semiconductor Technology and unique flexibility. He has worked in different disciplines and made notable contributions. Agriculture, Renewable Energy, Environment, Physics/Electronics and Management have been his areas of work.

Dr. Anand had his primary education in village school, High School from Nagar Palika Inter College- Kathgodam and Intermediate from M.B. Inter College- Haldwani. He got B.Sc. and M.Sc. (Physics/Electronics) degrees from  Kumaon University Nainital, and Ph.D. (Electronics) from Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra.

Dr Anand is fond of  Photography and he writes poems in Hindi.


Prof. Shripad Mahulikar

Prof. Shripad Mahulikar is working as a Professor Aerospace Engineering Department,IIT Bombay.

Recipient of :

  1. von Humboldt Fellow (F.R. Germany)
  2. Fellow – DFG-Mercator Professorship Program (F.R. Germany)
  3. Fellow – Foreign Experts’ Program for Scientific Research (P.R. China)

R&D Areas/Projects: 

Aerothermal Studies – Hypersonic Vehicle, Aerothermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Infrared Signatures of Aircraft Helicopters, Jet Propulsion, Microchannel Cooling of Gas Turbine Blades, Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics, Stealth Technology

Courses Taught: 

Aircraft, Rocket & Space Propulsion; Engineering Thermodynamics; Heat Transfer – Aerospace Applications (incl. Hypersonic – Heat Transf.); Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics; Spaceflight Mechanics; Stealth Technology.


Mr. Ashoka Kumar V.A

Mr. Ashoka Kumar V.A working as a Director at RV-Automotive Electronics Design Center, Bengaluru.

Expert in Vehicle and heavy Earth moving equipment Electronics.


  • Director: DQMS ELS LTD
  • DGM/ Consultant, Tata Motors
  • DGM – Electronics Section-R&D, Bharat Earth MoversLtdd.KGF